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Mares designed this XR set to satisfy divers looking for high-quality equipment to reach new goals. The 25XR - DR Full Tek Set encapsulates top-of-the-range Mares regulator technology.

The 25XR first stage is designed primarily to meet the needs of divers who use twin tanks or to be mounted on stages. The LP and HP ports are positioned on one side only and pre-oriented. The kit contains two 25XR first stages, one for the right side and one for the left. The hose ports are positioned so that they face downwards during assembly. This feature makes it ideal for cave diving, or in environments with limited passageways.

Thanks to the T.B.P antifreeze kit, the first stage is perfectly watertight, for better performance even when diving in cold water. It also prevents the entry of sand or particles, especially when diving in caves or polluted waters.

The reliability of this first stage is complemented by the A.S.T. (Auto Sealing Technology) system, which keeps the first stage clean and dry at all times and is oxygen, low temperature and high airflow tested.

The DR second stage has a full metal body. It is compact and robust, in high-strength nickel and chrome-plated brass. The high-performance second stage uses the V.A.D. system that offers a constant airflow at any depth. The special 'Mesh Grid' design of the cover prevents free-flow in the presence of strong currents.

This set includes:
• Two DR second stages
• Two 25XR first stages
• Two hoses (60 cm - 210 cm)
• One elastic neck regulator bungee
• One carabiner

Main features of the 25XR - DR Full Tek Set:

Second Stage:
• High performance second stage
• V.A.D. system – Constant airflow without excessive positive breathing pressure
• Unique 'Mesh Grid' cover design avoids free-flow in strong currents
• All Metal technology – A compact and robust all-metal body in high-strength nickel-plated and chrome-plated brass
• No user adjustment required
• LP rubber hose for greater resistance to cuts, abrasions, bursting and UV rays and less buoyancy

First Stage:

• T.B.P. Dry Kit - Watertight for improved performance during cold water diving
• A.S.T. - Watertight first stage to prevent water entry
• DFC - Dynamic Flow Control
• G5/8 connection, 300 bar (DIN)

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Do I need my own equipment

No. We provide everything you need for this course, but if you own something, feel free to bring it along.

Do I need to have any experiance?

No. This is an experience dive and your instructor will guide you through everything at your own pace.

After completing this, am I a qualified diver?

This experience dive can be credited towards the first training dive of an Open Water course. Speak to your Instructor to find out how to transition into being a fully qualified diver.