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Abyss Navy II First Stage

Abyss Navy II First Stage

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Abyss Navy II First Stage

The Abyss Navy II first stage is highly reliable, even under extreme diving conditions, and is equipped with a high flow rate and pre-oriented DFC outlets. It includes a special kit for cold water dives. This first stage is approved by the US Navy as it has passed the high standards required by the US Naval Forces. It was specifically tested on extreme dives (30-minute duration, 60m depth, 62.5 l/min ventilation, -2°C water temperature, 6-minute ascent in both fresh and salt water, constant cylinder pressure of 170bar).

Abyss Navy II Second Stage

The Abyss Navy II second stage is has a special fluorinated polymer resin finish. It features a Vortex Assisted Design (VAD) system that enables dynamic airflow, ensuring natural and easy breathing at any depth. The cover features a Mesh-Grid system to optimise water inlet and outlet flows, which offers further improved performance, even during strong currents, while diving. The Abyss Navy II second stage is reliable, durable and ideal for diving in the most extreme cold water conditions.


All Metal Technology 
First Stage
Balanced Diaphragm
HP Ports
2 HP 7/16” UNF Ports 
LP Ports
1 LP 1/2” UNF Port, 3 LP 3/8” UNF Ports 



Patented design which reduces the impact of water flow onto the second stage diaphragm, thus eliminating free flows even in strong currents. 


Outstanding mechanical reliability and high thermal conductivity make our metal 2nd stages extremely long lasting and ideal for cold water dives. The high thermal conductivity of metal reduces also the dry mouth feeling during the dive. 


The air bypass tube delivers air to the mouthpiece creating a swirling vortex with a low pressure area in the center that keeps the diaphragm down during inhalation, for very sensitive and easy breathing at all depths. 


Minimizes intermediate pressure drop during inhalation thus maximizing gas delivery, especially under extreme conditions. 


First stage weight INT
850g / 30oz 
First stage weight DIN 300
685g / 24.2oz 
Second stage weight
269g / 9.5oz 
Total weight INT
1337g / 47.2oz

Total weight DIN300
1172g / 41.3oz 
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Do I need my own equipment

No. We provide everything you need for this course, but if you own something, feel free to bring it along.

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No. This is an experience dive and your instructor will guide you through everything at your own pace.

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This experience dive can be credited towards the first training dive of an Open Water course. Speak to your Instructor to find out how to transition into being a fully qualified diver.