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Unique as it provides divers with a normal glass lens with +1.75 magnification lenses fitted at the bottom. Looking at your gauges and wishing the numbers were bigger and clearer is now a thing of the past.

The gauge reader offers you magnification just by looking down through the bottom of the mask. The low-profile dual lens design gives an excellent field of vision when looking through the lens normally and makes clearing it of any water a simple operation.

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Answer your customers' common questions

Do I need my own equipment

No. We provide everything you need for this course, but if you own something, feel free to bring it along.

Do I need to have any experiance?

No. This is an experience dive and your instructor will guide you through everything at your own pace.

After completing this, am I a qualified diver?

This experience dive can be credited towards the first training dive of an Open Water course. Speak to your Instructor to find out how to transition into being a fully qualified diver.