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ail Weights are very useful for divers who have a top heavy twinset or find that they have floaty feet. A lead tail weight adds ballast low down on a divers twinset for more comfortable trim.

Lumb Bros Tail Weight

The Lumb Bro Tail Weight is designed to sit low down on a divers twinset, helping to combat top heavy cylinders or floaty feet. Tail Weights are similar in shape to v-weights and are designed to fit on 10 and 12 litre twinsets but are fitted with a steel bar with a hole in the end. This hole slides over the bottom screw of a twinset and allows the weight to hang of the bottom of the set without falling out. Lumb Bros Tail Weights are available in 1kg and 2kg weights for precise weight distribution, they are also black plasti-dip coated to protect cylinders especially if a set is left built for a long time.

Learn more about non-ditchable ballast here.

Lumb Bros Tail Weight features:

  • Steel bar attachment
  • 1kg or 2kg sizes
  • Plastic coated
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Do I need my own equipment

No. We provide everything you need for this course, but if you own something, feel free to bring it along.

Do I need to have any experiance?

No. This is an experience dive and your instructor will guide you through everything at your own pace.

After completing this, am I a qualified diver?

This experience dive can be credited towards the first training dive of an Open Water course. Speak to your Instructor to find out how to transition into being a fully qualified diver.