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Aquatec Compact Slate with Pencil

Aquatec Compact Slate with Pencil

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Aquatec WS400 Compact Slate with Pencil. This compact 17.5 cm x 12.5 cm Super Pencil Slate will fit into most BCD Pockets, yet has plenty of room for taking notes, conversing with your dive buddy, or writing down skill performance when training. Whatever your writing needs are this slate can get it done. Super Pencil Slate comes with a Super Pencil, unlike more conventional dive slates the Super Pencil has replaceable lead, so once you use it up you can get a refill for years of continues use. The slate is also equipped with a Corrosion Resistant Locking Gate Clip and Nylon Webbing Loop for easy secure to your equipment and protective pencil tube for storage of the Super Pencil. Dimensions: 17.5 cm x 12.5 cm. Compact: Fits in BCD Pocket. Makes Note Taking or Conversing Easy Underwater. Replaceable Lead Super Pencil. Corrosion Resistant Locking Gate Clip. Durable Plastic Construction. Materials: Plastic, Nylon Webbing.

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Do I need my own equipment

No. We provide everything you need for this course, but if you own something, feel free to bring it along.

Do I need to have any experiance?

No. This is an experience dive and your instructor will guide you through everything at your own pace.

After completing this, am I a qualified diver?

This experience dive can be credited towards the first training dive of an Open Water course. Speak to your Instructor to find out how to transition into being a fully qualified diver.